• Bucket of Beers Offer - 8 Bottle for £20 Every Friday
  • All You Can Eat Pizza - Every Thursday
  • Friday 1st July - Cocktails & Karaoke
  • Free Side Sunday - Free Side With Every Burger, Hot Dog or Pizza
  • Wednesday 6th July - Square Jest Comedy Night



Opening Hours

Thursday From 5pm (kitchen closes 22:00)
Friday From 5pm (kitchen closes 22:00)
Saturday From 5pm (kitchen closes 22:00)
Sunday From 2pm (kitchen closes 19:00)


The base for British socialising has been the pub since time immemorial. The style of drinks and the establishments serving them may have changed entirely but the premise of good company, good beer and good conversation lives on. Square West offers you the good beer along with an excellent choice of wines, ciders, spirits and soft drinks for those who don’t like the grain brewed options, We source our beers from the very best local, national and US craft breweries with contributions ranging from our home town of Glossop to the far warmer San Diego!


Romeo & Juliet, Batman & Robin, Starsky & Hutch, Tom & Jerry, Shearer & Sheringham – all great partnerships but none quite as successful as FOOD & DRINK! Whilst a full meal can be lovely, it does take up valuable stomach space for drinks so we serve a menu of light bites geared towards the indecisive!

Step 1 – Choose between a burger, 9 inch pizza or giant hot dog

Step 2 – Choose which topping you would like to pile on

Step 3 – Choose if you have enough room to fit some fries or similar down the side

We also understand that some people have different needs so we stock gluten free, vegan & lactose free cheese. Please just ask and we’ll be happy to oblige


There is nothing better than great times spent with great friends and our Hump Day Happenings every Wednesday are just that. Whether an open mic night calls for you to release your inner Aretha (or just watching others do just that), enjoying a drink whilst listening to memory evoking music on a nostalgic decade night or testing the knowledge in the recesses of your mind with our unique quiz night. We’ve got plenty of ideas so keep an eye out for the ones that tempt you for a midweek drink!

What ‘s On

Friday 15th July – TSI  Friday

Sunday 28th August – Outside Bar @ Glossop Grillfest